3v3 Development House League

At Skillz Basketball Lab, our focus is player development. All of our programs and Labs represent that vision. It is with that same focus, we offer a 3v3 circuit which will effectively develop player's skills. Our goal is to provide a rich and high-quality experience for our players which will help grow their passion as they develop with the sport.

Co-Ed Division

{Gender Inclusive}

Ages 6 to 16

$450 / per player + HST

  • Four (4) Players per Team
  • Up to Twenty (20) Games Minimum
  • One (1) SKILLZ Uniform
  • Prizes for Winners of Each Division

Adult 3v3

Winter Season

November to February

$1,750 / per team

  • 5 Players per team
  • Jersey for each player
  • All games play once a week
  • 22 games or more
  • Championship award


Our Adult 3v3 is all about hooping. This league is a beginner to intermediate adult league. This league is a great way to stay in shape and compete at a high level.

Day Camps

SKILLZ Basketball Camps focus on drills techniques, ball handling, skills training and technical skills. Other features of our camps include, but are not limited to:

March Break Camp

  • March 14 - March 18, 2022

Summer Camp

Winter Break

P.A. Days


Monday - Friday, 9am - 4pm EST

$315 / per player + HST

  • Basketball training, modified games and other fun activities
  • SKILLZ T-Shirt
  • Strength & Conditioning Exercises
  • Early Drop Off & Late Pickup Available for an Extra $50/week


Duration: Two (2) Hours or more

Birthday Parties

Please call 647-727-8846 for more details, or send us a message through our contact form here for our birthday party packages. Thank you!

Corporate & Team Building Events

SKILLZ is fully equipped to host Corporate and Team Building parties. Reward your staff for their hard work with a day at SKILLZ Basketball Lab.


Team Building Exercises & Corporate Events

$45 / per person + HST

Duration: Two (2) Hours

  • Exclusive Use of the Gym and Equipment
  • Games and Activities
  • Light Refreshments Included

Player Strength

Conditioning Program

Duration: 45 Minutes

  • Increase agility, speed, strength, power, coordination and balance.
  • 45 minutes
  • Activities will focus on basketball-specific exercise principles, speed development and practical training in agility, plyometrics, core stability and endurance
  • Improve performance, mood and cardiovascular strength
  • Increases in muscular development and enhanced mental health

Player Strength & Conditioning Program

A key pillar in the training program is to provide ongoing assessment of the players movement patterns to ensure correct form and movement techniques for injury prevention. Competitive basketball players benefit from strength conditioning as it prepares the athlete for the intense physical aspect of the sport. Conditioned athletes also have a lower risk of injury and a higher speed of recovery.

Adult Fitness Program

The adult program is a combination of strength, cardio and kickboxing sessions using body weight, resistance bands and more, for a challenging total body workout. Classes are 45 minutes and will deliver total body fitness by engaging all major muscle groups in the same workout. As you progress through the program, you will expect to see increased toning and improvements to your body as well as your heart and lung function.
Advanced and modified exercises will be provided. All fitness levels are welcome!



Duraion: 45 minutes

  • Advanced and modified exercises will be provided.
  • All fitness levels are welcome!